Coronavirus (COVID-19) announcement

We strictly observe NYC Health Department and Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to maximize safety of our students, their families, and our staff in light of COVID-19.

We continue our online lessons and are renewing our in-person classes and activities, starting with a new educational home school program learning pod and our theater studio.

Visit our educational center KidzHOME (House of Multicultural Education)! We are in Sheepshead Bay in South Brooklyn, close to Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Manhattan Beach and Marine Park. KidzHOME is a part of a non-profit organization: CEKPET, Ltd. We serve NYC families with children.

For toddlers we offer classes Mommy and Me (in Russian), Arts and Crafts, G&T Prep (in Russian), and Preparation to the Theater Studio classes.

Your school children may join our classes that will help them excel in school and develop their creative skills. In our Learning Center we offer private and semi-private classes and classes in small groups (from 3 to 5 students) in various subjects. We successfully prepare children for state-wide tests, SHSAT and SAT, AP exams in several subjects, guide them during the process of college admission and help with college application and essay writing. Our highly professional and caring instructors will make each lesson a pleasant experience and will help your children become successful in school.

Children may also learn to perform on stage in our Russian or Spanish theater studios, become campers in our Camp, and take part in Olympiadas, role games, and contests.

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HW Assistance Program

Since some classes in several New York City public schools will return to a five-days week, we now offer a homework assistance program after school time with pick up options.

Brainy KidzHOME Program

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, New York has implemented a blended learning approach in its public schools. With a mix of in-person and remote learning, KidzHOME and Brainy Academy offer a new educational home school program learning pods in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn to help parents and children.

Online Lessons

We are currently offering classes online over Zoom, Skype, and Teams. Keep learning and playing during the pandemic!

Join our Russian Childrens’ Theater Studio!