KidzHOME is a non-profit organization of parents who strive to help their children be successful in their lives and careers, to develop their creative skills, and to keep their heritage language and culture.

In order to achieve these goals we have created

  • a learning center where we offer various educational and creative programs for children from babies to high school students,
  • test preparation
  • children’s theater studios (in Russian and Spanish)

We also publish a children’s literary magazine, organize Olympiadas of spoken Russian, contests of creative works, role games, museum tours, day camps, and various fun activities, and celebrate holidays and birthdays.

If you live in Brooklyn, NY, your children may join our theater studio and learning center where they can participate in many educational enrichment programs and creative activities. We can help you organize an interactive party for your kids’ birthday. If you live in other boroughs of NYC, come to our shows and parties. Your children may participate in our Olympiadas, role games, museum tours, and day camps. Children from various places of the North-Eastern USA come to take part in those events. No matter where you live, in the USA or abroad, you may subscribe to our literary magazine published especially for Russian-speaking children and their families or purchase just one issue that you love most. You may also participate in our contests or just follow us on Facebook.

Our Mission Statement can be found here.