Since the Board of Education of NYC allows young children to take tests for G&T programs in their native tongue, we prepare Russian-speaking children for this test.

Attention, parents! You should prepare and register your child for the test in the language s/he knows better. If you child is bilingual, it is better to register him/her for the test in Russian. A Russian language examiner will necessarily know English, and can still talk to your kid if s/he switches to English. However, an English language examiner will not understand your kid if s/he switches to Russian.

We prepare children starting for 3.5 years old to the test in Russian. Our teachers are highly professional and have a lengthy experience of preparing kids to the test, with good results. We provide all study materials and give HW. Classes are in small groups (4-6 students).

To sign up for G&T Preparation please fill out the form here. Discounts available for participating in multiple programs.