Check out our Homework Assistance program!

The Program operates on the days when public schools are open.

For the families that select home-schooling, we offer a variety of educational classes and creative activities. Our spacious premises guarantee social distancing. Kids will study in tiny groups (3-4 children) and do social activities in a bigger group (5-8).

They will have:

  • Math and ELA classes
  • Social Studies (geography and history)
  • Science
  • Russian Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Latin Language
  • Speech Development
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music (vocal, music theory and appreciation, and individual piano instruction)
  • Drama

The kids may register for all or some courses. For those who take several courses there are discounts.

Those who want may stay for our after-school program at a discounted rate.

Prices (per child):

  • In a group of 5-8 kids – $25 per hour
  • In a group of 3-4 kids – $30 per hour
  • In a group of 2 kids – $35 per hour
  • Individual class 45 min – $50, 60 min – $60.

To get more info and/or to schedule a visit please contact us at 646 5084449 or 646 5084450 or send an email to

We will be happy to assist you.

Contact Information

(646) 508-4449
(646) 508-4450


We are located in Sheepshead Bay in South Brooklyn, close to Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Manhattan Beach and Marine Park.
1633 Sheepshead Bay Rd. , Brooklyn, NY 11235,  Second Floor (next to the B, Q trains; buses: B36, B4, B49)

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