We think that education starts with the family, that is why we try to help caregivers to learn how to teach their little ones. We offer not only Ya i Mama (Mommy and Me) classes for toddlers and their moms (dads, grandparents and/or other family members), but also special educational workshops and consultations for caregivers.

Our teachers are from St. Petersburg, Russia; they speak Russian without an accent and have a lengthy experience of working with young children. A professional speech-therapist and music teacher will help your children develop their speaking and musical skills.

Lessons include:

  • Speech and sensor development,
  • Tongue exercises,
  • Massage for speech delay,
  • Musical games and activities,
  • Learning of nursery rhymes, songs, and fairy tales,
  • Fine motor skills development (molding, drawing, arts and crafts, etc.)

We take kids as soon as they are able to walk independently (approximately 18 months). Groups are formed not only by age, by also by individual characteristics of the children. Toddlers should participate with the help of “their own” adult. Kids older than 3.5 may take part on their own, but an active adult participation is encouraged.

Kids from 3.5-4.5 are also taught to read and write in Russian.

The classes are fun and interactive. They include the use of colorful education aids and enriching development games.


Monday: 4:30-5:30 PM
Thursday: 10:00-11:00 AM

Other days and times may be available upon request


Number of lessonsPrice
1 lesson$30
4 lessons$112
8 lessons$215

Registration Fee

There is a registration fee $25 per child per school year, $20 per child if registering two and more siblings.

Supplies Fee

There is a $15 supplies fee. The fee is paid once per semester.


  • KidzHOME Discount: Students of any KidzHOME Program get a 10% discount from the lesson prices of other Learning Center Programs. This discount is not cumulative.
  • Sibling Discount: Oldest child pays full price, while the second child receives a 10% discount and the third child a 15% discount.
  • Find a Friend Discount: Get $15 off the next month for referring a new student.

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