Base Lesson Prices

Russian Theater classes last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Please refer to the prices below:
Per Month (4 classes): $200
Per Semester (16 classes): $765

Supplies Fee

The Russian Theater Studio has a Supplies Fee paid on top of class prices. The fee is paid once per semester. The fee is $55. It includes costumes, scenery, props, sound and light equipment, and scripts.


  • KidzHOME Discount: Students who also participate in the Homework Assistance Program get a 5% discount from the lesson prices of Malenkaya Kompaniya Russian Theater Studio.
    Students who participate in both Malenkaya Kompaniya Russian Theater Studio and the KidzHOME Learning Center get a discount from the Learning Center.
  • Sibling Discount: Oldest child pays full price, while each additional child receives $15 off per month.
  • Find a Friend Discount: Get $15 off the next month for referring a new student

There is also a separate registration fee. For more info please click here. For the full list of prices please click here. Please fill out the application below:

Theater Studio Application

    First Child Information

  • Knowledge of Russian

  • Second Child Information

  • Knowledge of Russian

  • Parent/Guardian Information