A professional speech therapist from St. Petersburg, Russia, helps to overcome speech delay, stuttering, stammering, and other speech disorders. The program includes diagnostics and speech correction, articulatory exercises, logomassage, and speech development in Russian. 

Private and semi-private classes. Caregiver’s participation is encouraged for private classes.


to be determined

Prices (per child):

  • In a group of 5-7 kids – $30 per hour
  • In a group of 3-4 kids – $35 per hour
  • In a group of 2 kids – $40 per hour
  • Individual class 45 min – $60, 60 min – $70.

To get more info and/or to schedule a visit please contact us at 646 5084449 or 646 5084450 or send an email to info@kidzhome.org.

There is also a separate registration fee. For more info please click here. For the full list of prices please click here. Please fill out the application below:

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