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During our classes we teach history of several civilizations (Greece, Rome, Middle Ages) and several historical topics (knights, pirates). All the classes are interactive.

We will get introduced to languages of the Greeks and Romans. How many words and terms that we still use in the 21st century come from antiquity!

We will begin with Ancient Greece. We will learn the history, myths, poetry, theater, architecture, sculpture, and the livelihood of ancient Greeks. We will imagine ourselves on the phalanx at the Battle of Chaeronea, in the Acropolis on the Athenian Agora, and we will even try to find truth with Socrates. We will discover Greek roots in modern languages.

Classes are held in English or in Russian.

Theme List of Ancient Greece Classes (in Russian)

New York Time (EST)
to be determined

45 minutes or 1 hour

9-12, 12-15

$15 to $20 / class, depending on class duration

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