No one can see the puppet masters, but their wooden actors entertain the crowds. Of course, first you need to learn how to make the puppets and how to work with them. These dolls are not just for girls or even children. Our dolls are special, theatrical puppets. So if you want to make and play with puppets, come join us! We will teach you how to make all sorts of puppets and play (that is work) with them. and of course, we have many puppet shows.


Saturday at 10:45 AM
Sunday at 11:45 AM

Base Lesson Prices

All KidzHOME Learning Center Programs have the same lesson prices, except for the Malenkaya Kompaniya Russian Theater Studio, G&T Prep and the Briany KidzHOME Program. Each lesson is 45 minutes. Please refer to the table below for the prices.

Per MonthPricePer SemesterPrice
4 Lessons$10816 Lessons$405
8 Lessons$20032 Lessons$765
12 Lessons$28548 Lessons$1055

Supplies Fee

There is a $25 supplies fee. The fee is paid once per semester.


  • KidzHOME Discount: Students who also participate in the Malenkaya Kompaniya Russian Theater Studio or Brainy KidzHOME Program get a 5% discount from the lesson prices of other Learning Center Programs. This discount is not cumulative.
  • Sibling Discount: Oldest child pays full price, while each additional child receives $15 off per month.
  • Find a Friend Discount: Get $15 off the next month for referring a new student

There is also a separate registration fee. For more info please click here. For the full list of prices please click here. Please fill out the application below:

KIDZHOME Program Application

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